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Please fill in the contact form below to request a login to the online Catalogue.

A Log-in is required for specific activities depending on your needs, behind each log-in every customer will acquire a personalised catalogue.

This log-in allows customers to view diagrams, unique pricing structures, instructions, part numbers, quantities and stock enabling them to make educated decisions on their orders without expensive, repetitive sales calls.

An advanced visualisation tool allows our customers to examine the exact product they’ve selected and enables them to carry out routine tasks and queries, such as downloading files and clarifying product specifications and this can all be automatically handled on the Website anytime and anywhere.

Techni aims to streamline the order processing system.

The fewer the steps and hands involved in processing an order the lower the order processing costs to our customers. The costs, delays and errors inherent with manually re-entering data are eliminated and the relentless searching through paper catalogues for Techni and their customers has become something of the past, while allowing the knowledgeable buyer to go directly to a product.

Having your own unique catalogue on-line with your unique pricing, parts and personal requirements to hand 24 hours a day will enable you to order with ease.

Our system seamlessly fits into your existing IT environment. The interlocking of all connected data makes it immediate and simple to access all the information needed for maintenance or service applications when buying your components.

Having an on-line catalogue for Techni means we are always open for business. However, success comes not from simply putting products on the web, but from doing so in a compelling manner. That means engaging our customers by offering a high level of system interactivity with an appealing user interface and site design.

At Techni we believe that our product support service is an important means of differentiating ourself from our competitors.