Precision Engineering

Techni is now unique in the market. Following substantial investment in new CNC machinery.

Techni is able to offer an in-house wide range of mulit axis CNC machining services, alongside state of the art CMM inspection facilities.

We have a highly skilled, flexible workforce that is able to operate to maximize the utilisation of resources. This leads to the highest quality precision components.

CNC Milling

Continuing investment in the latest technology provides customers a CNC Horizontal multi-pallet and Vertical Milling capability with a single shift capacity of over 30,000 castings.

At Techni Engineering, we understand the importance of quality and flexibility. Our precision CNC milling services feature a variety of capabilities. Milling and machining are performed on vertical and horizontal CNC machining centers, which use three and four axes and live tooling. We offer numerous machining processes and reverse engineering services.

The materials that we work with are as diverse as the processes we perform. Techni's three and four axis, pallets and custom made in-house fixtures can accommodate almost any configuration.

CNC Milling - Video


CNC Turning

Our CNC Turning Centres with driven tooling options provide Precision CNC Turning with a single shift capacity of 60,000 parts

The precision CNC turning services offered by Techni Engineering machining encompass a variety of machining options. Our skilled machinists use Techni’s state of the art CNC lathes to perform the highest quality turning, threading, boring and more. All of our CNC equipment employs CAM programming, to ensure precision and repeatability.

Our capabilities and years of experience make Techni the best choice for all you precision CNC turning needs.

CNC Turning - Video


CMM Inspection

Techni Engineering are passionate about producing quality products and our commitment to this is evident in the use of a Coordinate Measuring Machine to check parts being produced.

With first off checks, last off checks and regular in batch inspections by our QA Department you can be confident that all parts have passed inspection and will be ready to fit. We use the latest PCDMIS software and import first generation design data from Techni’s Design Department to construct CMM programs which will check every feature of a machined bracket to ensure its compliance to the design criteria.

CMM Inspection - Video



Techni Engineering use CAMWorks, the latest in offline CADCAM programming software, to drastically reduce programming time by using automatic feature recognition in combination with knowledge base.

By using the first generation data from the engineering department, CAMWorks can help us to shorten machining times with ultra-high-performance toolpaths and helps to safeguard against costly errors with its built in ‘crash detection’ features.

Offline programming also means we are able to maximize the shop floor production by avoiding machine down time during manual part programming. CAMWorks helps us to increase efficiency and capacity reducing overall lead times.

CADCAM - Video


3D Printing

In-house rapid prototyping facilities represent a major capital investment, which enable us to verity designs for form, fit and function prior to full-scale production.

Our 3D printer quickly produces precision and functional prototypes that enable real-world product development and testing to take place before costly investments are made in production tooling.

Advanced prototyping allows us to optimize our designs, streamline our workflows, prepare for manufacture and bring our innovative products to market faster.

Research and Development

We help our customers to bring their products to market faster and at lower cost by providing a complete “end to end” solution.

Our experienced R&D team offers a broad suite of design and development capabilities tailored to the specific needs of each client. We are focused on developing, building and transforming ideas into reality.

Using a systematic design and customer-centred approach, we draw on our expertise in mechanical and electrical design to transform products from initial concept to full completion, packaged and ready for market.